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Why working with a professional is necessary for workplace acclimation problems

We spend years (and considerable money) on education and training preparing for our professional careers.  And even more time gaining experience and expertise in our respective fields. Our work lives take front and center for much of our waking hours—the majority of our adult lives are spent working.  When our work lives are disrupted in ways that are not easily rectified it can be extremely stressful and even threatening to all that we have worked for.


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Many people try dealing with their adverse workplace situations by going it alone. Sometimes they complain to family and friends, which can place burdens on their interpersonal relationships and strain their home life. Sometimes they self-medicate their way through the adverse conditions in the workplace by using antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, alcohol or other substances. But this type of coping is temporary and more importantly, it is ineffectual in actually resolving the problems at hand.  Some people make well-meaning efforts to problem-solve, only to end up with the same results.  Using the only strategies they are familiar with (like putting in longer hours) they end up burning out and feeling helpless to gain control over the situation. Others take the path of least resistance and do nothing. Enduring protracted periods of stress and discomfort, they continue along business as usual hoping the adverse situation will magically self-correct.

But workplace acclimation—adjusting to new scenarios, unfamiliar cultures or situations, toxic or dysfunctional conditions, or volatile work environments with unpredictable, constant changes—often demands specialized strategies, techniques and tools in order to effectively come out ahead.


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The private coaching offered is based on scientifically-proven techniques and over two decades of field based applications training professionals in myriad of work environments including Fortune 500 companies, the tech industry, the nonprofit sector and the entertainment industry.  Each program is individually tailored to teach professionals the techniques, tools and strategies needed to not only adapt and acclimate to the challenges, but also move from surviving to thriving in their present work environments.  The confidential and convenient one-on-one training sessions are scheduled to accommodate your calendar, conducted over the telephone, with additional support via email when needed. You can make use with as much or as little training as you like, and you can stop at any time.


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-Private, individualized coaching offers the strategies, tools and techniques necessary for effective and timely adaptation and acclimation to a variety of challenging work settings.

-Interdisciplinary training programs incorporate the key factors found to impact workplace adjustment: personal, social, cultural and environmental.

-Training incorporates scientifically and workplace tested strategies and techniques for adjusting, assimilating and thriving within a program custom tailored for your unique situation.

Training Programs


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Workplace Culture Acclimation Coaching

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Acclimating to a new work environment can be challenging and stressful and can impact both performance and well-being. This is because new work environments (even when it involves a new position within the same company) require learning to play by a new set of rules.  While there may be a generalized work culture, each division and department may have their own subculture with their own norms and rules. More often than not these rules are not explicitly laid out in an employee handbook or job spec.  Rather, they are hidden, subtle and involve navigating around unseen hot spots, behind the scenes political strategizing, and the unspoken need to please superiors’ agendas. Successfully navigating these new unspoken expectations and hidden landmines can be tricky and stressful business.  And missteps can be costly. This is where having a seasoned private consultant with over two decades of experience and expertise in workplace culture changes comes in. You will have an expert in your corner to teach you how to recognize and successfully navigate the covert rules and obstacles.  Just as important, you will gain effective tools, techniques and strategies that will not only allow you to acclimate quickly to the new setting but in all future settings.

This training program is structured for helping professionals make a smooth transition to new work settings such as a new employer, new field, new occupational classification (moving from blue collar to white collar work environments), new position, new division or department, etc.   If you are in a new work setting you should get on track right from the start.  Sign up today to get acclimated quickly, take control, reduce the stress and the risks that can come with political missteps. Contact me for more information



-Workplace Stress Mitigation Training

tom-pumford-254867   Stress in the workplace is commonplace these days, but being common does not make it any less dangerous to health and well-being or any easier to cope with.  Back in the early 1980s when the connection between stress and illness was still a new paradigm I was on one of the first NIMH-funded research teams investigating the effectiveness of training executives at a Fortune 500 company in stress mitigation techniques. The scientific research results demonstrated that our stress mitigation techniques were a success in significantly reducing workplace stress and illness among those receiving the training.

The driving principals behind the key workplace stress mitigation techniques and strategies that top executives have benefited from for decades have been expanded to incorporate a comprehensive interdisciplinary component and are available with this training program. You will learn effective tools and strategies that have been taught to top executives from Fortune 500 companies and professionals from myriad fields and occupations.  These techniques have not only been demonstrated in scientific research studies to be effective at reducing stress and increasing focus in workplace environments but have evidence of efficacy in real world settings.  Stop risking your cognitive, emotional and physical well-being to workplace stress.  Sign up today and get your edge back.  Contact me for more information



-Employee Relocation Stress Mitigation Consulting

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Geographic moves for new employment or work transfers, whether regional, cross-country, or global, can be quite stressful and have been shown empirically to potentially negatively impact work performance, health and well-being.  Relocation stress as it is known, is the adverse reaction commonly experienced during and following a geographical move.  The body’s immune system response to this often dramatic life-changing event can range from mild to profound, sometimes even becoming life-threatening.  Because relocation is the second highest stressful life event we can experience (second only to “death of a spouse”), the stress surrounding a move holds the potential for serious and even life-threatening consequences.  Scientific studies have demonstrated that due to high stress levels taxing the immune system, illnesses—both acute and chronic—are commonly experienced during and after a move. To make matters worse, physical and emotional health problems related to relocation stress can occur up to a full 18 months following the move.

I began researching relocation stress in the 1990s including with high-mobility movers from the U.S. military.  Over the years I developed and tested a training program to help reduce the adverse consequences of relocation stress, particularly in the workplace.  This training program (which is outlined in my book written for corporate managers and Human Resource professionals) offers effective strategies and tools to deal with common problems following a work-related move such as person-place identity, pre-relocation attachment, and grieving for the lost home—all of which can lead to myriad of serious health-related, social, and relationship difficulties, further taxing your ability to adjust to the new position and surroundings in a healthy, meaningful way.

Gain the strategies and tools for mitigating relocation stress and quickly adjusting to your new work environment.  You will get comprehensive, interdisciplinary and science-based, one-on-one training specifically designed for new hires and transfers. The training offers relocation stress mitigation skills and techniques that speed up the acclimation and adjustment process and minimize the risk of deleterious outcomes.  Don’t take risks with your professional or personal well-being.  Sign up today.  Contact me for more information



-Workplace Transition Training

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The influential roles of stakeholders and shareholders in today’s corporate world have made some industries and employers vulnerable to frequent shifts and changes in goals, objectives, budgets, leadership, personnel and structure.  In these high-transition work environments business professionals may be left wondering who is going to get let go next and when employees do leave and are not replaced, existing staff and managers are frequently left to take on the missing staff members’ responsibilities along with their own. This may trigger a hostile-competitive work environment where managers and top executives fight for building up their reserves of personnel and resources, causing friction between departments and divisions. Depending on the type of business and capabilities of the corporate leaders these frequent transitions can create chaotic and even toxic environments. This makes working in these environments challenging and stressful, not to mention increasingly difficult for staying on-course with one’s personal career goals and objectives.

As a seasoned trainer and consultant in the area of volatile work environments I have developed a training program specifically designed for professionals trying to navigate high transition work environments.  Call me today to learn effective strategies and techniques for not only surviving but thriving in today’s volatile work environments.  Contact me for more information



-Cross-Cultural Acclimation Coaching

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Transitioning to the U.S. work environment from a work environment or general culture outside the U.S. can be challenging to say the least. There are numerous subtle, even unspoken or hidden protocols, norms and mores that can be treacherous to navigate. Being unfamiliar with how to smoothly navigate the overt and covert cultural and political rules within the workplace can interfere or block the ability to advance, adversely affect interpersonal relationships with coworkers and bosses, and can even threaten employment status.

As an early adopter I first began teaching interdisciplinary cross-cultural behavior to business and human resources graduate students back in the early 1990s. Since that time I have trained professionals from a variety of fields on the cross-cultural factors that influence perceptions, communication, interactions and interpersonal relationships in the U.S. work environment.  Learn the techniques for recognizing subtle but powerful social nuances and politically sensitive scenarios.  Gain the strategies and tools to effectively adopt the “U.S.-style” of communication and interactions in the business world. This private coaching will help you to adapt and assimilate far quicker while minimizing the risks of making culturally sensitive missteps within the workplace environment.  Contact me for more information

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