P BEST  Consultant and trainer P. Carlisle, Ph.D. has an interdisciplinary background in the personal, social, cultural and environmental factors that impact our perceptions, choices and actions—including those within the workplace setting.  Trained at The University of Chicago and University of California systems as a scientific researcher she has experience conducting rigorous scientific research studies and program evaluations including NIMH, nonprofit and corporate-sponsored inquiries.  She is a published author in peer-reviewed, scientific journals and books (including author of a book on relocation stress mitigation training for managers and human resource professionals), and numerous other forums. Educated and trained in scientific research methodologies, program evaluation, statistical analysis, and qualitative research and survey design, her body of work includes researching the mitigating factors of stressful life events including personal, cultural, social, environmental and contextual factors.

Beginning with her work as a research team member for the groundbreaking NIMH-funded scientific study on workplace stress of corporate executives at a top Fortune 500 company, to researching factors that mitigate the adverse effects of relocation stress with high-mobility members of the U.S. military, and following through to today, Dr. Pam has worked with people from a wide variety of professions, vocations, backgrounds and histories, including with the one-on-one consulting and training programs for professionals she developed. Her background and experience includes working with members from the U.S. Air Force, as well as executives from AT&T, Xerox and American Airlines, and professionals from a wide variety of fields and industries.

Dr. Pam has trained corporate executives and human resource professionals as well as business and human resource graduate students preparing to enter their respective fields. She has also developed and taught a variety of courses to university graduate and undergraduate students including Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and Cross-Cultural Behavior.  She has extensive experience designing and conducting workshops, seminars, university courses and one-on-one training and consulting programs—including developing programs offering practical, effective tools, strategies and techniques for coping with stress, cultural differences and change in the workplace setting.

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