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Specialized skill training offers effective, scientifically tested strategies and techniques for acclimating to both new and high-stress workplace environments.


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Acclimating to new, unfamiliar or high-pressure work environments is key for professional success and personal well-being.  Successfully navigating the obstacles and effectively adapting to the challenges and demands these scenarios present requires specialized strategies, tools and techniques.


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The Problem

New, unfamiliar or highly stressful workplace environments can be challenging and put health and well-being at risk.  Whether it is a highly volatile, unpredictable or high-pressure work environment or a transition to a new company, new field, a new promotional level, dealing with a new department or boss, or colleagues from unfamiliar cultures—trying to adjust and adapt can create significant challenges, obstacles and stressors.  Difficulty adapting or acclimating to highly stressful or new work conditions in a timely and effective manner can lead to a host of entirely new problems including reduced work performance, interpersonal problems with colleagues and bosses, poor reviews, and even placing one’s job in jeopardy.  These problems in turn can adversely affect physical and emotional well-being as well as placing a strain on interpersonal relationships outside of the work environment.


The Solution

The solution is specialized, effective skill training from an experienced expert.  If you are facing transitions or stress in your professional life you have come to the right place for one-on-one, individualized training, coaching and consulting for workplace acclimation.  This is not therapy.  It is specialized skill training that offers effective, scientifically tested strategies and techniques for acclimating and adapting to both new and high-stress workplace environments.  The techniques and skills offered are interdisciplinary and science-based and incorporate the key factors that impact adjustment to workplace stress and transition: personal, social, cultural and environmental.  Private and confidential sessions are customized to each specific situation, conducted via telephone, and arranged to accommodate clients’ schedules.

If you are facing the special challenges of either a high-stress work environment or transition to a new work scenario, antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs are only going to get you so far.  If you are ready to take control of your professional life and your well-being by gaining the skills and strategies necessary to stop surviving and start thriving in your professional life, contact me today.

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